There are a multitude of brands on the market, all of whom are competing for their place, most of them in High Street stores.

Many larger brands are now beginning to re-think their strategy with relation to how they can better reach their potential clientele. The 'new', more direct sales philosophy of many brands is on the increase and most designers or companies are beginning to adjust their re-seller strategy. There seems to be an increase in the number of companies now dealing on a much more direct basis with their clients. In turn, clients are looking for more knowledge and contact to the producer. 

More and more of our clients are expressing an interest in products not available on every street corner or in High Street store. The demand for quality is back where low price once reigned and once again many companies are shifting production back to Europe or the USA. The main issue for companies is to be able to move large enough quantities into the stores to make dealing with them financially worthwhile.

At E2 it is our philosophy not to get caught up in these issues.

We continue to focus on producing quality, limited edition goods in small number. We like to pay attention to the small details personally. 

Unlike many brands, we get involved in each and every step of product production from component sourcing to direct selling. Producing limited lines makes us slightly different to many other companies who subscribe to the 'more is better' philosophy. We have no desire to be just another name in the shops and we aim to provide our clients with something special.

We do not wish to see E2 everywhere and on each and every rail in every available golf store. We have a strong desire to create products that cannot be bought anywhere else other than from E2 directly and we are very proud of what we are doing.

We want you to wear our E2 brand with as much pride as we do,

Our best wishes,

Elisabeth Esterl & Neil Webb

Founders E2