At E2, we are professional golfers and we love golf! We also like to be different and we believe that this is our strength.

Many years of breathing, playing and coaching the game has given us the inspiration we needed to start E2. We are not large, we are not known worldwide and we are not in the stores, but we are extremely passionate about what we do. Every golfer knows how much passion is required to improve and we have taken this and put it all into our brand.

There are a multitude of other much larger brands on the market, all of whom are competing for their place, most of them in High Street stores. We just don't believe in following this trend and we want to be different.

Our brand new 'Affiliate Program' has now launched and we are excited to involve those looking to create their own business of promoting our products to their network and earning at the same time. We want to work with passionate partners and this way, we create a fantastic and simple win-win scenario.

We are involved in each and every step of product design and production from component sourcing to direct selling. Producing limited lines makes us slightly different to many other companies who subscribe to the 'more is better' philosophy. We have zero desire to be just another name in the shops and we aim to provide our clients with something special.

We want you to wear our special E2 brand with as much pride as we do.

Our best wishes,

Elisabeth Esterl & Neil Webb

Founders E2