PG Powergolf SteelCad Evolution PLUS

PG Powergolf SteelCad Evolution PLUS

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SteelCad Evolution Plus / Sport

The New Luxury Class

  • The latest modern plus technology package

  • Perfect folding technique

  • Fastest set-up and dismantling

  • Very small number of components

  • Flat pack size including wheels

Fast Assembly and Dismantling

Golf caddies with connector systems often lack stability, simplicity, and speed in assembly and disassembly. Simply said, too many items must be packed and installed. 
With the "Evolution Plus" only the rear wheels and the battery have to be removed. Thanks to the innovative folding technology, you can assemble and disassemble the Caddy within a few seconds. That's record-breaking!

Small pack size

Pack size is also a decisive criteria. The flatter a caddy can be packed, the better. The new "Evolution Plus" is the ‘Golf caddie’ in the luxury class, which packs - including wheels - in a carrying case which is only a remarkable 10 cm in height.

Latest Technology

The technology of the new "Evolution Plus" clearly outstrips the previous offer in the luxury class and sets new standards. The "Evolution Plus" is equipped with the latest drive and control technology. 
A forward and reverse function, an electronic parking brake, an electronic differential, a switch-able off-road gear, temporary free-wheel, energy recovery, sensor tilt protection and a battery charge indicator, standard functions such as start / stop button, step-less speed controller, start in the last speed , Distance-stop over 10, 20 and 30 meters, down hill brake, cruise control and free-wheel are all fitted as standard equipment. 
On request, there are as further highlights the remote control with gesture control and the magnetic bag holder.

With the new "Evolution Plus" PG-PowerGolf has delivered a masterpiece - and at a fair price.

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Technical specifications

  • Engine:"Brushless" high-tech drives 35mm

  • Battery pack:24 volt lithium ions

  • Battery recharge time:3 to 5 hours

  • Running track:approx. 27 holes, booster battery approx. 45 holes

  • Speed:up to 8 km / hPack size:63 x 73 x 10 cm

  • Weight Caddy:approx. 8.0 kg without battery

  • Weight of battery:about 1 kg

Innovative Magnetic Plug

The Evolution Plus offers the new revolutionary ‘magnetic plug technology’ which is the most important innovation in the last 10 years of Golf Trolley construction.

The magnetic plug solves all problems around the most diverse battery connectors in one go.No fumbling, no broken fingernails, no bent pins in the plug, no broken parts on the plug, no more stiff plug in the cold, wind and rain.

Technical Properties

  • "Brushless" high-tech drives 35mm

  • Frame made of high quality stainless steel

  • GRP wheels

  • Stainless steel star handle joints

  • The most modern lithium-ion batteries approx. 1 kg, approx. 27 holes, with booster approx. 45 holes

  • Energy recovery through downhill recuperation feature

  • Flow and return

  • Perfect ergonomic operation

  • Start, stop and restart in the last speed

  • Cruise control

  • Step-less speed control

  • Distance function about 10 - 20 - 30 meters

  • Electronic down hill brake

  • Free-wheel function

  • Magnetic plug

  • Electric parking brake on both wheels

  • Sensor tilt protection (Evolution Plus only)

  • Electronic differential

  • Add-on differential lock / off-road gear (Evolution Plus only)

  • Temporary free-wheel

  • Automatic opt. Battery indicator

  • Easily dismantled

  • Weight only 8.0 kg