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The new E2 Trailer is getting fully-stocked with all of our latest products. Being on the road is not new to our company, in fact we started our whole direct retail concept doing it. Being at our own E2 Events means that we can get our products to our clients without any problems of going through more hands than is needed. It allows you try our latest designs and styles in the comfort of your own environment. Not only that but we also offer events at corporate days, golf tournaments, charity days and various styles of private event. We are completely mobile, we have everything on board our trailer and all you have to do is let us know where you would like us to be, when we should be there and we can work everything out with you to make your event an even bigger success.

The simple fact that E2 is not available anywhere else means that you are able to offer something truly exclusive to your network. Our stock of Ladies & Gents clothing and accessories also means that everybody is catered for. For more information about our E2 Mobile Shop just get in touch with us directly and let us bring E2 to you!

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